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Bubble Destroyer  3.8

Shoot down the balls while aiming with the mouse. To break through, you need to collect three balls of the same color next to each other. If the colored spheres fill the entire playing field, you are defeated. By clearing the space you earn points.

Dll Free Download: xinput1_3.dll |

Princess House Cleaning  5.8

In this game, we meet a princess who lives in a huge house. Today she has a great event, spring cleaning around the house, and we will help her. At the beginning of the game, explore the house and all the rooms that you have to clean, then select one

Offroad Challenge  4.7

You have to drive an SUV. Realistic physics of machine control will make your gaming experience unique. Different obstacles and jumps are scattered across the level, on which you can test the strength of your SUV. An open world and realistic damage t

Black Jack  13.3

Play classic blackjack against a dealer. Be closest to 21 without going over.

Neon Runner  4.9

With the passage of this game, it accelerates. You need to collect all the bottles that are on the floor, if you do not collect everything, you will start playing again. But be careful, the game speeds up each time, and if you stop at least once, you

Pickup Truck Racing 3D  10.7

Pickup Truck Racing 3D will pump up your adrenaline as never before. These hefty rip roaring beasts with their huge wheels and suspension will unquestioningly obey you! You'll never get bored with this game. Put the pedal to the metal of this big jee

Batumi  2.1

Collect of the views of the city of Batumi. Collect of the views of the city of Batumi. Collect of the views of the city of Batumi. Collect of the views of the city of Batumi. Collect of the views of the city of Batumi.

Miners Strike  4.1

Being a miner is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. However, in this game we are not talking about the mines or their living beings. Immerse yourself in this amazing adventure with an exciting game of match three. Try to complete all

Simple Shooter  4.1

Simple Shooter is a simple top-down shooter. You play as a character in blue, you have a pistol in your hands. You need to defend against opponents in red, whose goal is to destroy you.

World Of Checkers  7.0

World of Checkers - is a two-player game, where one player is assigned white checkers and the other black. The aim of the English and Russian game is to capture the other player's checkers or make them impossible to move. You can play against AI or..

Orc Stronghold  10.1

Orc Stronghold is a puzzle game in the platforming genre. The essence of the game is to guide the hero to the exit from moving in a circle running around a tower. Press the spacebar to start the game. Control movement of the hero using the arrow butt

Mine Puzzle  4.2

Lovers of Minecraft will love this! Mine Puzzle is a fun, arcade game that will get you hooked. Find similar blocks and connect them together to get points for the win. We wish you a pleasant game, good luck!

Scream Of The Viking 3  5.0

Scream of the Viking 3 is the third part of that same hardcore platform game about the Vikings. In the third part, you, like in the previous ones, need to complete levels playing as a Viking. At each level there is a certain number of objects, collec

Wheel Of Fortune  10.4

This game consists of three rounds, during which you need to guess a word to score points. Inspired by Wheel of Fortune. Score big to boost your rank.

Only Forward  7.2

You are a vagrant boy who is just trying to survive however you can, scraping together some food. After coming across a couple sticks of dynamite, you go on a fishing trip that could feed you for awhile. Unfortunately, this is illegal and you..

Manjasha 2  4.6

Continuation of the game Manyasha but with new features. Now you can choose to play against Manyasha or her friend Max. Release the butterflies, and enchanted butterflies are hiding amongst cats, pigs, etc. Break through the shelter where they hide a

Scream Of The Viking 2  5.0

Scream of the Viking 2 is the second part of the same Viking story. In the second part, new, even more dangerous and complex obstacles, traps and enemies are presented to your attention. In this game, as in the previous part, also go through the leve

Voorhees VS Trump  5.6

In this psychedelic game, two powerful beings will face each other: Voorhees and Trump. The great opposition will end with the death of one of them. Control the Voorhees and shred the Trump minions into pieces. A sea of blood, different enemies and p

Lumberjack Story  5.6

This is the story about the brave lumberjack, who lived in a small village. He was happy, he loved his job and vodka. But one day the Evil Wizard attacked the village, and turned all the villagers into ice. And now it's time for the lumberjack to t

Scream Of The Viking  5.0

Scream of the Viking - a hardcore 2D platform game with survival elements in which you go through various levels playing for the last of the Vikings. In this game you need to collect objects, overcome various traps and obstacles in order to help the
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