• Your Spying Eyes - Conduct Background Checks on Anyone 1.0

    Run Background Checks on Anyone - Instantly Discover the Truth About Anyone! YourSpyingEyes is a powerful detective software program that gives you access to millions of public records, criminal/court records, and more in just 1 click. Download now!

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  • AutoFEM Thermal Analysis 1.0

    AutoFEM Thermal Analysis is a system of finite-element analysis for users of Autocad . The system is integrated into the AutoCAD 3D enviroument. Works with AutoCAD versions 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(4.4) | Downloads:(25) |

  • EuroMap (flight tracks & thermal waypoints + T2t s

    Two CDs containing Flexible-wing & Paraglider european flight database + Track2Thermic software.

    OS :Linux | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(19) |

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  • Steam table calculator Excel add-in based on IAPWS-97 standard which calculates 23 steam properties such as: Temperature, Pressure, Enthalpy, Entropy,Quality,Density,Internal Energy, etc. English and SI input and output units are supported.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(4.2) | Downloads:(24) |

  • Measurement unit conversion program.

    Stress Surface Tension Temperature Thermal Conductivity Thermal expansion - linear Thermal expansion - volume Time Type

    OS :Windows XP/2003 | Average rating:(4) | Downloads:(22) |

  • Thermo-Prop database for Windows contains intrinsic results of research works carried out on the development of sound, accurate, experimentally and physically based models for materials properties of aluminium, copper and ferrous alloys.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(4) | Downloads:(26) |

  • WinConverter is a rather straightforward application designs to provide as simple an interface as possible for performing unit conversion. WinConverter 2.1 is pre-configured to convert 1400 units in 76 categories. If you find WinConverter is missing a unit you need, it's very easy to add custom units or categories.The categories include:Mass, Length, Time, and Volume. Acceleration - Linear, Area, Data Storage, ...

    OS :Windows | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(6) |

  • This software tool is made to demonstrate the thermal design calculations of

    properties in the additional user databases+Tube counts,standard tube sizes tables,Thermal conductivities..etc

    OS :Windows 7/Vista | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(10) |

  • This user friendly software is made to demonstrate the thermal design calculations and analysis of Kettle type reboilers.The software can be used to make preliminary sizing calculations that will help to give a clear outlook of the initial design.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(24) |

  • PHex is an easy to use tool which domonstrates the thermal calculations of Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers, The plate dimensions and materials can be entered, this includes the size of plate heat exchanger and chevron angle (25 to 65 degrees). List of main features: 1- User friendly and easy to use with ability to save/load data. 2- Estimate ...

    OS :Windows XP/2003 | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(20) |

  • Software Features-----+Step by step design and rating calculations +Support

    ; the database has the ability to estimate Thermal Conductivity, Density, Heat Capacity and Viscosity. The database also included

    OS :Windows 7/Vista | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(9) |

  • MS Excel add-in that makes unit of measure conversions.Several units from different categories and units systems are available.

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  • Did you know you can reduce employee turnover by conducting good Background Checks prior to hiring? This eBook will offer some tips for conducting Background Checks. You can also visit employeescreen.com for more information. Background Checks are not difficult to interpret and can be ...

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  • A complete software system for building and then administering surveys and exams then analyzing their results. Use it to create and conduct exams or surveys over the web, over the phone or with a printed questionnaire form.

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  • GoldStar Interviews - The complete guide to conducting golden interviews and standard job interview questions. ...

    OS :Windows,Mac,Linux,Pocket PC,Palm OS,Blackberry | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(3) |

  • The determination of the maximum current that a cablecan sustain without deterioration of any of itselectrical andor mechanical properties has always beenof prime interest to engineers and constitutes animportant design parameter for both system pla

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(89) |

  • Label Flow mailing address label software allows you to quickly print address labels right from your address book or spreadsheet. Label Flow barcode software also includes an integrated database editor and advanced data filtering tools. Label Flow mailing address label software easily interfaces with nearly all inkjet, laser, ...

    OS :Windows Vista/XP/2003 | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(20) |

  • AutoFEM Static Analysis provides the calculation of the stress state of the structures under the forces which are constant in time. To date probably this is the most requested task in the design. By using the module Static analysis an engineer can evaluate the allowable stresses in design which is ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(9) |

  • Calculations & Conversions at your finger tips.Momentous Heat Exchanger Calculator, Comprehensive Unit Converter with 2900+ Units, 50000+ Conversions, Scientific Evaluator and more?

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  • Momentous Heat and Mass Transfer Calculator.

    etc.Entropy Exchange in HeatXferHeat Conduction in Hollow CylinderGray-body RadiationHeat conduction in hollow sphereConvection

    OS :Palm OS | Average rating:(4) | Downloads:(19) |

  • Momentous Heat and Mass Transfer Calculator.A must have for Engineering professionals and students. This PocketPC software program empowers you with instant references and solutions of frequently encountered calculation at your finger tips. Just few taps, and all the calculations that consumed lots of ...

    OS :Windows | Average rating:(4) | Downloads:(10) |

  • The application the Account of slot machines is intended for the organization of the account of slot machines such as Column or Tower, slot machines of stationary game halls (Aristocrat, Game Maker, etc.), and also formations of the statistic

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  • Industrial-strength barcode label design & Print. Most 1D/2D barcodes. Most Thermal Printers. Various data source options, e.g., database, date/time, counter file, etc. Meet most complex product packaging needs! Easy-to-use, very powerful! We have designed the best barcode label software so that you can ...

    OS :Windows XP/2003 | Average rating:(4) | Downloads:(11) |

  • This is an easy to use WYSIWYG label design printing application that will print bar codes, images and text on any graphics printer, including thermal printers. Barcode types include Code 128, 39, 93, UPC, EAN, I2of5, Telepen, MSI, Codabar and Postnet in multiple formats. The ...

    OS :Windows | Average rating:(4.7) | Downloads:(33) |

  • This is an easy to use WYSIWYG label design printing application that will print bar codes, images and text on any graphics printer, including thermal printers. Bar code types include Code 128, 39, UPC, EAN, plus many more.

    OS :Windows | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(12) |

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