• Backup Recovery 8.05.01

    Backup Recovery Software efficiently repairs BKF files that are created by using MS Windows Backup utility or VERITAS software. The software performs fast and flawless BKF file recovery.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(9) |

  • Recovery for Backup 2.0.1008

    Recovery for Backup repairs files created with Windows Backup utility. The product also supports files created with VERITAS Backup Exec. Supported Windows Backup versions: 7, Server 2008, Vista, XP SP1, XP SP2, XP SP3, 2003, and 2000.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003 | Average rating:(4.4) | Downloads:(56) |

  • Backup Recovery 5.2

    Recover backup data from corrupted BKF files with our backup recovery tool which can instantly read and repair the corrupt BKF file. You can try the demo version to extract all corrupt bkf files after that you can order for its full version.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(4.6) | Downloads:(228) |

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  • SysTools BKF Repair tool quickly recover & restore your valuable data from corrupt or damaged MS Windows Backup files. Software successfully plays the role of disaster backup recovery with its extract, search & open features.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(6) |

  • SysTools provides MS Backup Recovery Software to repair damaged MS BKF files

    Our software is so friendly for users because it is very easy to use. Updated version of ms backup recovery

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(16) |

  • MS Backup Recovery software allows you to recover and repair corrupt bkf files which gets corrupted due to backup interruptions, virus attacks, CRC errors, backup software malfunction or corruption.

    OS :Windows XP/2003 | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • Many time we found that users take backup of all their files because they know how those files important for them but suddenly they found that those files are get corrupted due to some reasons and want to recover those files so for that they need a help of third party tool ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(2) |

  • If you are looking for software,

    BKF file in short span of time. Whatever be the reason for backup file corruption, Backup Recovery software perfectly

    OS :Windows Vista/XP/2003 | Average rating:(3.6) | Downloads:(22) |

  • Exchange backup file recovery utility gives you complete exchange backup database recovery. You can recover EDB (text files), STM (audio and video files), LOG files which carry internal information. Exchange backup file recovery utility is easy to execute and supported by all windows ...

    OS :Windows XP/2003 | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(7) |

  • Get tool for backup recovery process by paying just $89. SysTools BKF Repair Software is the best available tool for backup recovery process. You can perform scanning on the corrupt BKF files before extraction process.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(3) |

  • Windows corrupt backup recovery is an intuitive simple utility for your corrupted or damaged backup files. With the aid of Windows Corrupt Backup Database Recovery Utility you can easily recover corrupt Windows backup database without changing any information. There is no need of any special technical knowledge for performing the recovery process. ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • It is the prime need to recover Windows backup database? Can SysTools BKF Repair software help you? Most welcome in repair lab of SysTools and repair unusable corrupted Windows backup database. 100% recovery is the prime motive even added new and advanced technique. If you are a very ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(3) |

  • SQL Backup Recovery Software can be very utilizing for those SQL users who want

    files by using this SQL Backup Recovery Software which is recently launched by the firm for handling only corruption issue

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(5) |

  • You can easily access and recover MS corrupt backup database through SysTools BKF Recovery Software.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(7) |

  • Recovery of corrupt backup files is now easy with SysTools backup recovery tool if you are facing the problems of backup database corruption. In the updated version 5.2 of SysTools backup recovery has powerful features which are Quick Scan and Deep Scan. Quick Scan helps you to recover corrupt backup database quickly ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(13) |

  • Backup recovery software is designed to repair corrupt BKF files and extract

    . Backup recovery software thoroughly scans the corrupt BKF file and displays recoverable data. It provides

    OS :Windows Vista/XP/2003 | Average rating:(4) | Downloads:(19) |

  • SysTools offers you excellent solution to recover and repair your computer backup data which is created using Veritas Backup Exec. Software successfully restores all of your data from corrupt Veritas BKF files.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(4.2) | Downloads:(24) |

  • If lost or corrupted your critical backup file and need repair it then you can use BKF recovery software is an advanced backup recovery software to easiest repair backup files and restores backup files from corrupted backup database. And also you can easily get your original data without any failure. Restore ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • Exchange Backup Recovery Software recovers different types of corrupted BKF

    . Exchange Backup Recovery Software retrieves backup data of Exchange according to user requirement and saves

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(3) |

  • Efficient Microsoft Windows Backup Recovery software quickly repair your corrupt or damaged backup archive files which is corrupted due to backup process failure, unexpected system shutdown, virus attacks, CRC trouble etc.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(13) |

  • SysTools provides microsoft backup recovery tool which is one of the most reliable software to perform Microsoft backup fix. Microsoft Backup Recovery Tool is an easy to use and more preferable by other software to recover Microsoft backup file or Microsoft Backup fix using advanced techniques to scan the corrupted and damaged backup file. The ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(3) |

  • MS Backup Recovery Tool repairs BKF files created by NTBackup utility or

    MS Backup Recovery Tool has high performance for BKF File Recovery and efficiently recovers BKF Files. MS Backup

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(4) | Downloads:(15) |

  • Exchange server backup recovery software to recover corrupt exchange backup data which is a faster recovery utility developed by SysTools Software. You can restore damaged exchange backup as well as restore exchange backup archive file using this utility. Users can easily use Exchange Backup Recovery tool ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(3) |

  • Catch the new System Backup Recovery Software to Recover Corrupted Backup data successfully not including any error. SysTools Backup Recovery software provides you complete recover from corrupted Backup and saves your priceless time.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(4.6) | Downloads:(29) |

  • Data can't be repaired without excellent technical skills use SysTools BKF Repair Software with minimal technical skills and solve your query as soon as fast. You can also buy this tool pay $89 for Personal License or $180 for Business License only. We are suggest do not buy directly Full Version of ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

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