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PDA Mobile Investigation Software

License: Shareware Price: $79Date: 2024-06-04
PDA forensic utility automatically scans each part of pocket pc cell phone like SIM, memory, battery, hardware and software. Pocket pc forensic detector save all gathered information in readable text file that can be use for forensic purposes.

Pocket PC Forensic Analyzer

License: Shareware Price: $79Date: 2024-04-22
PDA investigator software fetches all important phone details with database records, hardware software details, registry files and also displays all fetched data through USB port. Pocket PC analyzer generates forensic report of extracted data.

Key Logger Program

License: Shareware Price: $45Date: 2024-05-10
Remote spying software saves all typed keyboard characters, transferred files, website URLs, chat conversation, screen snapshots, running programs and recent used documents in a secret log file and sends it to the specified administrator email id.

Windows Software

License: Shareware Price: $79Date: 2024-05-10
Remote recorder software is created to run in stealth mode and monitor each keystroke inputted by user through keyboard. Invisible utility can track user account login and passwords, chat histories, visited URLs etc.

PDA Forensics Utility

License: Shareware Price: $79Date: 2024-04-18
Pocket PC forensic investigation software provides entire information from any pocket PC, PDA or Smart phone for investigation purpose and scientific use. PDA surveillance tool generates text report of extracted information from the smart phone.

Pocket PC Device Forensic Tool

License: Shareware Price: $79Date: 2024-04-09
PDA forensic application shows complete mobile information including manufacturer name, IMSI and model number. Pocket PC device forensic tool examines information like log details, phonebook contact number and generates detailed text report.

SpyAgent 14.10.23

License: Shareware Price: $79.95Date: 2023-10-16
Worried about how others are using your computer? SpyAgent is the ultimate all-in-one, computer monitoring solution that can log all keystrokes, emails, websites, applications, internet connections, chats, emails, and more - invisibly.

Power Spy 12.92

License: Shareware Price: $49.99Date: 2023-08-30
Power Spy secretly logs keystrokes, Facebook, chats, IMs, emails, web visits, video talk, logins, passwords, applications, searches and more. It also takes screenshots like a surveillance camera. Automatically sends log reports to your email.

WhoIsConnectedToMyPC 2024

License: Shareware Price: $23Date: 2023-11-01
This software is a small utility for sending a webcam capture via email when starting the computer. It is ideal for knowing the identity of a person who connects to your computer in your absence. International languages.

SpyMonitor 2024

License: Shareware Price: $32Date: 2023-11-01
Software for monitoring a user's activity on a remote computer. Discreet, it is present as an icon in the taskbar or completely invisible to the user. International languages.

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