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WebElf  4.2

All of the features of your computer are now at your disposal around the clock and regardless of your location! Having a mobile phone or tablet with access to the Internet at a hand, you can use full remote computer management via Webelf software!

VedMed  2.3

VedMed Software is a simple and useful sleep machine, which will provide you and your family a healthy restful sleep. You'll renovate every night!

GoldMan  1.0

GoldMan is a computer program and a practical manual on treasure hunt in old houses, created on the basis of personal author's experience in treasure hunt with a metal detector.

BabyMath  1.0

BabyMath is computer program created for training children in math in the game form, it helps to develop mental arithmetic skill, it’s jolly children math.

MidNight  2.9

The MidNight program is a new crazy entertainment that will turn your place into the halloween horror house!

Back up Maker KS  01s

When working on any project, it is advisable to periodically make copies of it, because if an error occurs, there is no good result or other problems, you will be able to resume it very quickly. 'Back up Maker KS' makes chronological records.

Automation KS  01s

Automation commands : Move the cursor somewhere and click the left mouse button once, right mouse button once or double-click the left mouse button.| Open a folder.| Oopen a file .| Close the folder.| Close the file.| Paste previously saved text.

Clock Speaker KS  01u

This program can inform about the time of anyone: one minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour and can visualize clock faces. Can use Clock Speaker KS as a music player!

SideBar Organizer KS  01s

Works with 150 bars. With this program, you can organize all files and folders and place them on different bars. The program includes a search tool that searches by bar name. The name of the bar will be ordered in a list.

Reminder KS  01s

The program can display messages on the screen and speak them. Each note can be present with several messages per day.Through Reminder KS, one secretary can serve many people in one company by saving records in files and sending them by email.

Reminder plus Actions KS  01s

Can display messages on the screen and speak them. From the settings, you can choose how long the message will remain on the screen. Other actions: open files (all types of files) and hibernate the computer.

Handicap Manager for Excel  7.0

Handicap Manager for Excel uses its proprietary Global Handicap System to emulate the World Handicap System for calculating Handicap Indexes. It can also be used to compute scoring averages, league handicaps and custom handicaps.

The Strong Health  1.0

Nutrition for a healthy weight and for preventing, reverting and curing diseases including cancer. Getting a strong health with nutraceutical foods and fighting obesity with a diet based in the novel principles of thermodynamics.

Outline Organizer

Organize Personal Information in an outline. Save File locations and Web Sites in any order. Use for inventory, lists, schedules, finances, etc. Easily find files and create outline to view or run files as web sites or videos. Print out Outlies.

A Personal Finance Manager  3.2

Organize Income, Expenses, Investments, Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, and Investment Accounts.


WalkAway is a free Windows application that reminds you to take a break from your computer. Use it to stretch, close your eyes, or to just get up, walk away and get some fresh air.

Perf  2023

Perf allows you to manage your sporty performances of staying (walk, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.) as well as your weight and your measurements. He/it manages the following data: sport, distance, time, hour, consumption, shape, speed...

Dance Competition  1.1

A software package that allows you to hold competitions in ballroom dancing according to the skating system.

MoneyLine Professional Edition for Mac  5.00

MoneyLine Professional Personal Finance Software for Mac

MoneyLine Free Personal Finance Software for Mac  5.00

MoneyLine is a free personal finance software for Mac OS X that allows you to track your money, bank accounts and spending in one location for easy personal accounting.
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