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Code Line Counter Pro - C Version 4.0

License: Shareware Price: $49.95Date: 2011-10-31
C source code lines count software for developers, project managers and SQA.

NextGeneration .NET Code Generator 1.5.1

License: Commercial Price: $279Date: 2008-08-27
A software development tool that saves you time by quickly building database-driven applications. Generate stored procedures, data access objects, business service classes, DataSets and an ASP.NET web interface in minutes instead of weeks.

C-Free 5.0 Pro

License: Shareware Price: $79.95Date: 2009-01-04
An excellent Integrated Development Environment(IDE) for C/C++ language, with which you can edit, build, run and debug your program freely.

Code Line Counter Pro - C# Version 4.0

License: Shareware Price: $49.95Date: 2011-10-31
C# source code lines count software for developers, project managers and SQA.

Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf with Source Code 2009.3

License: Shareware Price: $999.95Date: 2009-12-01
WPF is the Windows Presentation Foundation platform. Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf is the reporting tool that is developed for Windows Presentation Foundation. Do you need a reporting tool for WPF? No need to surf the internet - use Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf.

Calc ooReport for .Net 2009.1

License: Shareware Price: $125.00Date: 2009-05-11
Calc ooReport for .Net is a library of MS Visual Studio 2005/2008 for report generation in OpenOffice.org Calc using Automation (formerly known as OLE Automation).

EyeC++ 1.7

License: Commercial Price: $0.00Date: 2005-05-25
The EyeC++ library is a high-performance, high-quality, C++ class library intended for both image file format conversion and image viewing tasks. Pricing is differentiated so that you pay only for what you need. Full source code is supplied.

Win32 NASM Guide #1 1.0

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2005-09-24
Beginner's Guide Series - Win32 Assembly Programming with NASM Guide #1 Getting Win32 NASM Tools and Building a Simple Win32 Dialog-based Test Program

Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate 2011.2

License: Shareware Price: $1199.95Date: 2011-09-19
Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate is a comprehensive solution to render reports for the .NET Framework platform. The product includes a complete set of tools to build reports under WinForms, ASP.NET and WPF environments.

Blue Ink 1.4.1

License: Shareware Price: $5000.00Date: 2005-11-28
On its most recent software development project the use of Blue Ink increased productivity over 400% while increasing application quality and consistency. Blue Ink is a rapid application development tool for .Net software development.

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