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Node PDF Generator 2024.2.2

License: Shareware Price: $749Date: 2024-01-29
Bid farewell to the complexities of PDF creation with the NodeJS PDF Library for Node.js. Effortlessly generate professional PDF documents, transforming the process into an intuitive and streamlined experience.

ASP NET Core Display PDF 2023.11.6

License: Shareware Price: $749Date: 2023-10-31
Displaying PDF documents within an ASP.NET Core application is a common necessity for a variety of web-based projects. In this comprehensive guide, we explore how to effortlessly display PDFs using the ASP.NET PDF Library.

NET MAUI Blazor 2023.7.4

License: Shareware Price: $749Date: 2023-07-03
Integrating IronPDF into .NET MAUI Blazor applications empowers developers to create professional-looking PDFs on the fly. Whether it's generating reports, invoices, or other document types, IronPDF simplifies the process with its intuitive API.

.NET MAUI OCR 2023.7.28

License: Shareware Price: $749Date: 2023-07-03
With the advancements in OCR libraries compatible with C#, developers can now harness the power of OCR within their .NET MAUI applications and enable text extraction from images or scanned documents.

.NET MAUI PDF Viewer 2023.6.10

License: Shareware Price: $749Date: 2023-06-02
The .NET MAUI PDF Viewer, powered by the IronPDF library, offers a versatile and customizable solution for displaying and interacting with PDF documents. It enables users to view PDF files, navigate through pages, zoom in and out, and more.

ZXing .NET Alternative 2023.6.6

License: Shareware Price: $749Date: 2023-05-29
To incorporate barcode functionality into your C# projects, you have multiple options, including popular libraries like ZXing .NET and IronBarcode. In this article, we'll compare ZXing .NET and IronBarcode, helping you make an informed decision.

Best OCR for Chinese 2023.5.35

License: Shareware Price: $749Date: 2023-05-01
Chinese is a complex and challenging language for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. However, there are several OCR software options available in the market that claim to offer accurate and reliable Chinese OCR capabilities.

XFINIUM PDF Alternatives 2023.5.8

License: Shareware Price: $749Date: 2023-05-01
IronPDF is a powerful .NET PDF library that offers a range of features that can help developers create, edit, and manipulate PDF documents. It provides an easy-to-use interface and extensive documentation, making it an excellent choice.

PDFNet Alternatives 2023.5.8

License: Shareware Price: $749Date: 2023-05-01
PDFNet is a popular PDF processing library for developers who work with PDF documents in C#. This library offers a range of features, such as text extraction, PDF merging and splitting, PDF editing, and PDF-to-image conversion.

Razor vs Blazor Alternatives 2023.5.8

License: Shareware Price: $749Date: 2023-05-01
When it comes to web development, there are many frameworks and tools available to developers. Two of the most popular frameworks for building web applications are Razor and Blazor.

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