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Latest New Releases

ActivTrak for Windows  8.2.156

ActivTrak is the only cloud-based user activity monitoring, UAM, solution that captures user data in the digital workplace to help teams improve security, compliance and productivity.


XLRISK, developed by Vose Software and distributed by Addinsoft, introduces many technical Monte Carlo method features that make risk models easier to build, easier to audit and test, and more precisely match the problems you face.

PDF Extra  7.50

PDF Extra is your all-in-one PDF editor. It has everything you need to view, edit, annotate and protect PDF files. You can also fill and sign your Adobe Acrobat PDF documents or convert them to Word, Excel, and ePub.

Data Loader  4.9.4

A straightforward yet effective tool for converting and Synchronizing data between Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, Access, CSV databases. Supports Saving & Scheduling of transfer jobs.

Postal Barcode & Labelling Application

Shipping barcode display the key details for post a package from one place to another. The key records include postal code, country, monitoring number, date in addition to the weight, address, validation, Deliver Street, state (area) and other detail

TSplus Remote Support  3

Remote Support is the best alternative to TeamViewer. Securely connect to remote computers anywhere, take control of their mouse, access files and applications, and troubleshoot problems, right when your employees and customers need help the most.

Apple System Barcode Design Application

pple Standard Barcode Creating Application allows MAC user to keep records of designed barcodes and label with the export option. Software has advance email setting feature to share generated barcodes and labels to other specific email address

Bulk Barcode Label Maker Excel Software

Professional barcodes represent information in machine readable format for creatorconvenience. Barcode Designing Application makes professional barcodes that is mosttrusted brand among all the companies and several professional sectors all around.

Barcode Labeling Software for Apple Mac

Mac Corporate Barcode Maker Program design barcode to provide smooth workflow to all the small and large scale companies. All the businesses prefer only because of its advance features. Software is able to design customized barcodes in an easy manner

Excel Supply Chain Barcode Labeling Tool

Shipping Barcode Designer Tool Application style barcodes that square measure playing a very important role in logistical business. Program make labels to trace the placement and progress standing of varied item associated with any an organization.

Standard Barcode Label Printing Program

Standard Barcode Designing Software allows user to generate barcodes for any of the existing industry including corporate, inventory, business, medical, packaging, educational, professional, warehousing, publishing, retailing, library, and some more.

Quick Pallet Maker  6.5

Quick Pallet Maker is an easy to learn pallet loading and package design software application that allows the user to calculate optimal secondary package dimensions and pallet arrangements, thus reducing shipping costs.

Corporate Barcode Label Designing App

Barcodes permit groups to automate technique to save money and time at the same time they scale operations. Barcode also can streamline on boarding because it takes much less time to compare with a person for apply a scanner than manually input data

DocuFreezer  4.0.2208.9

DocuFreezer converts Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XPS, DWG and other files to universally accepted PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TXT. This app can convert many files at once, merge & split PDF files, OCR files to text. DocuFreezer is free for non-commercial use

Retail Barcode Label Printing Tool

Retail Barcode Designing Software design barcodes so that people can easily label their products to track and manage the inventories in an organised manner. Barcodes allows user to make quick and accurate identification of desired goods and services.

Publishing Barcode Label Designing Tool

Publishing Barcode Creating Software design barcodes which allows user to track any desired book, magazine, journal, etc. The use of barcodes is spreading day by day because of its advance features and also they are able to operate real-time data.

Medical Equipment Barcode Labeling Tool

Companies can easily control inventory supply, track all equipment and medicine stock which is in use. Medical barcode coupon Program can make Pharmaceutical stickers and tags. That is okay if you do not have any technical background and knowledge

Warehouse Industry Barcode Labeling Tool

Warehousing Barcode Designing Software generates barcodes which kept on spreading in this ongoing technical world. Barcodes are used widely because of their advanced features and advantages. Software design barcodes to manage all the administration.

Windows Standard Barcode Label Designer

Standard barcode designer Personal Computer Application settings allow designer to form the coupon with choice to simply modify your old barcode stickers and update the color, font, size and different dimensions in your new generated barcode sticker

Organization Stickers Designing

Companies that require a little variety of barcodes could use Professional barcode designing application to generate their barcodes & label so print them out with a customary printer. However, this may quickly become inefficient as your desires grow
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