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"The software conductor helps you play on the beat & in time"

Quick Download Bounce Metronome 3.2

The software conductor or drum sticks help you play every beat exactly on beat & in time with the sound. Try it and find out what a difference it makes!

* Software Conductor with crisp bounce (ictus) to help you hit the beat exactly
* Any time signatures
* Beat sub-divisions
* Swing
* Irregular beat patterns
* Or steady tick
* Drum and dance rhythms
* Syncopation
* Any tempo or a changing tempo
* Polyrhythms (cross rhythms).
* Additive rhythms and rhythm cycles
* Accent or unaccent beats, or skip beats with a single click
* Adjust individual beat volumes & times.

It's extremely user friendly. To get started, you just click one of the preset buttons for the rhythm you want to play, and adjust the tempo with the handy dial.

You can use it with the sound switched off, as a silent metronome

The innovative gravity bounce helps you to anticipate the beat and play exactly in time with it. This is especially useful when you are learning a rhythm with irregular beat patterns.

It's like having your own conductor to help you keep in time

The reason this works is that it is easy for us to anticipate the moment when a bouncing ball will hit the ground - and sing, play or clap exactly in time with it.

This was used in the early Car-tunes movies. A bouncing ball bounced on the lyrics to help the audience to sing along with the movie. Conductors also use the same technique - they will often bounce the baton off an invisible plane which makes it easy for the orchestra to anticipate the exact moment of the beat so that they can play along in time

In fact this is so effective, it is just like having a conductor. You don't need the tick any more, you can switch off the sound for Bounce Metronome and use it for practice as a silent metronome.

With this innovation it becomes much easier to practise rhythms with swing and irregular beats as it helps you to anticipate and play exactly on the beat of the metronome.


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Bounce Metronome
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