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Script Editor 2.1

Universal, easy-to-use editor for Windows Script Files (*.wsf) and scripts (*.vbs, *.js, ...). Re-usable parts of a script code can be referenced as external script files, while the project-specific code is embedded into the project (*.wsf).

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    Compile and run scripts - no additional software required! Ever want to run a VBscript or JavaScript without needing to open it in a Web browser? Need automated, silent execution? Must create an executable file, but don't want to install a monstrous and expensive development environment? Look no further: ExeScript will create secured stand-alone applications from any of the supported script formats! ExeScript works much like the huge, bulky development packages used by professional software developers, except that it occupies less than one percent of the hard drive space required by the full-scale development platforms
  • Davor's PHP Builder
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    • Free-style windowed interface with configurable desktop and multiple edit windows
    • Advanced multipaged editor with syntax Highlighting for several programming languages - PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, JS, SQL and ASP
    • Project management
    • PHP syntax checking and script interpretation
    • Project and/or script/page Run/Preview
    • Advanced code analysis (PHP, JS and HTML)
    • Basic HTML WYSIWYG editor
    • FTP-based file synchronization
    Although presumed to be used as PHP development tool (and offering some special PHP features), Davor's PHP Builder can be used to work on any other language based project since editing features are not limited to PHP only
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