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MyIP Basic

MyIP Basic is a small tool to view your IP address and the IP address of another host or website. No more looking up on the Internet for IP addresess.

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    With PingT you can ping one single host or fast scan a whole IP range up to a class B IP subnet, as well as trace the route or execute another command at your choice with one of the selected IP addresses
  • Get IP and Host 1.3.8
    Tool to lookup and find IP address and Host informations in the DNS (Domain Name System)
  • Offline IP-Locate
    Offline IP-Locate is a simple utility, which allow easy and quickly convert IP-address to country where this host located
  • FastResolver 1.22
    FastResolver is a small utility that resolves multiple host names into IP addresses and vice versa
  • SI Lookup 1.0
    If you have a domain name, you can use one of the numerous Whois tools to determine its owner
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  • NetInfo 7.3
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  • Resolver 2.
    is a simple COM object that can look up Internet IP addresses and host names