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MV Nonlinear Filter 1.

Nonlinear filters

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MV Nonlinear Filter Related Software
  • Image Processing 1.
    The Image Processing package includes licenses for the following components: MV Integration Control, MV Filter SDK, MV Buffer Access, MV Color To Gray, MV Color Twist, MV Color Filter, MV Convolution, MV Dyadic Arithmetic, MV Dyadic Logic, MV Image File Source, MV Linear Filter, MV Look Up Table, MV Monadic Arithmetic, MV Monadic Logic, MV Morphology, MV Nonlinear Filter, MV Rotation, MV Segmentation, MV Blob Finder, MV Blob Counter, MV Optical Flow, MV Absolute Difference, MV Co-Occurrence, MV Mean ActiveX Control, Filter SDK and several DirectX/DirectShow filters
  • Visual Optim 2.1
    Visual Optim is a math program for one dimension searching, linear programming, unconstrained nonlinear programming and constrained nonlinear programming
  • FastFotoScale 3.30
    FastFotoScale is a batch picture processor for: resizing, renaming, creating WEB/PC/virtual albums, viewing with date/time/metadata/geo coordinates navigation, creating audio annotations, editing EXIF metadata, creating stereo pictures, reading raw
  • Visual Fitting 2.3.0
    Math tool for linear, nonlinear curve fitting and surface fitting, curve and surface can be created
  • NLREG 6.2
    NLREG performs nonlinear regression and curve fitting
  • XLSTAT (Win) 2010
    XLSTAT is a complete data analysis and statistics add-in for MS Excel