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IP Cat 1.4.0

IP Cat - The best way to determine your IP address. Find your IP address along with other information about your browser, country, etc...

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  • GeoIP 1.0
    Windows desctop application determine the Internet visitor's country based on the IP address
  • IP Country Lookup 1.0a
    IP Country Lookup is a free DNS tool for Windows that lets you lookup the country an IP address or hostname originates from
  • CountryWhois 2.0
    CountryWhois is a utility for identifying the geographic location of an IP address
  • eXpress IP Locator 1.2.3
    Small freeware utility for offline retrieving the country information from IP-address or hostname, viewing IP-address blocks allocated for specified countries and seeking the country by code or code by country
  • SI Lookup 1.0
    If you have a domain name, you can use one of the numerous Whois tools to determine its owner
  • My IP Suite
    My IP Suite is an AWARD-WINNING network tool to work with IP addresses
  • AW IP Locator 2.1
    There is no good rule of thumb to determine the geolocation of Internet IP addresses
  • IP2Location ISAPI Filter 1.3
    Software development tool and data solution that dynamically tailor the content of your site based on your visitors country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, ISP and domain name