• Modem Recorder

    Modem Recorder is handy utility for phone calls recording. Features: 1) records phone conversations. 2) records from microphone. 3) plays back recorded mesages via phone line. 4) Plays back recorded mesages via sound card. 5) Can record ALL incomming

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  • Modem Spy 3.

    Modem spy records all phone calls.

    OS :Windows | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(22) |

  • Virtual Modem 1.5

    There are many old communication applications that require a direct modem connection. This program allows you to substitute physical phone lines with a local TCP/IP network or the Internet without investing thousands into new communication software.

    OS :Windows | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(7) |

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  • Modem spy records all telephone calls, records from microphone, plays back recorded mesages via phone line or sound card. Has built-in software automatic gain control. Detects and logs Caller ID

    OS :Windows | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(16) |

  • Do you wish to forward unlimited personal SMS or business alerts to stay connected with group of people instantly? Take advantage of comprehensive mobile text messaging software for GSM modem to forward limitless alerts and updates to national or international networks mobile phones in single mouse click. Cost effective bulk ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • SMS Modem software is especially developed and designed to send unlimited text messages from your Laptop/Desktop computer machines to multiple cellular phone numbers without any internet connection compulsory via connecting USB modem device.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(4) |

  • Group SMS broadcasting software provides comprehensive solution to send

    over worldwide mobile phone users with effective support to any USB modem connected to PC without any complexity

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(3) |

  • Sendbulksms.org provides effective USB GSM modem software that facilitates person to easily forward multiple business details comprising text messages to cell phone users holding information of latest market trends, new release, special discount offers, due billing amount particulars, occasional festive greeting text etc. ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • Do you want instant solution for mobile marketing? Visit company website and download innovative and economical Bulk SMS software for USB modem that empower you to deliver mass product promotional or campaigns messages, product alerts, discount alerts, business updates or other business related SMS to ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(4) |

  • Headwind GSM Modem Driver makes your PC able to send and receive SMS by connecting the computer to the mobile phone or GSM modem. SMS messages are sent from your own number. The software has a COM interface for automatic SMS processing.

    OS :Windows XP/2003 | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(7) |

  • Graceful GSM modem for SMS tool effortlessly transmits text messages or information at national/international level easily. Creative SMS sending utility is ideal for transmitting bulk messages to every cell phone networks within minimum time period.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • Advanced Bulk SMS Modem application is easy to download from company website www.drpusoftware.com for broadcasting multiple messages and text notifications from windows PC/laptop to mobile phones. Widely recommended bulk messaging software supports all Unicode languages so easily delivers messages in different text formats. ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(4) |

  • Want to streamline your business marketing and product awareness? Download completely advance and cost-effective bulk SMS software to send limitless corporate product and service related messages to enormous targeted audience all over the world in single click. Economical GSM modem to send sms software enhances customers? interaction by allowing business to forward ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(5) |

  • Company offers creative SMS via modem program at smsfreesms.

    of the organization.Features:* SMS via modem software sends mass amount of text SMS to mobile phone contacts worldwide

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(7) |

  • Highly dexterous send SMS modem application is consistent and reasonably priced program enabled to convey anticipated data from your individual computer/laptop system to abundant cellular phones without connecting through internet. Dependable SMS sending software is mainly designed for conveying your business information, SMS/messages to make ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(4.8) | Downloads:(48) |

  • Bulk SMS Multi Modem program keeps Unicode language to send massive text messages into distinct languages as per user needs. Bulk SMS Multi Modem tool delivers immense business details, meeting schedules etc to any mobile phone by personal computer.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • Specialized GSM Modems for SMS has various capable features and options to throw bulk SMS to varied persons instantly. Remarkable and fully talented GSM Modems for SMS Application amazingly sends bulk numbers of messages by only few mouse clicks.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(7) |

  • Most widely used SMS USB modem software supports latest GUI which helps user to easily understand software without facing any problem. Cost-effective SMS gateway modem application allows user to save all sending or receiving messages in different file format like tiff, riff, txt, doc ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • Specialist Send SMS with GSM Modem software provides advance and professional way to wish your friends, company employee, student, family members, relatives, friend, customer or clients on any occasion day in easiest and cheapest techniques.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(4) |

  • Do you want to broadcast limitless personalized messages and business services alert to keep in touch with group of users instantly? Then simply download technically sound yet easy to operate SMS Using GSM Modem software that sends unlimited alerts and product updates to group of contacts or selective list of phone numbers all over the ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(4) |

  • Are you searching advance and affordable software to compose and send bulk numbers of text sms from your PC? Now stop your searching! Using GSM Modem USB software, you can easily broadcast thousand numbers of text messages from your laptop/Desktop computer machines to cellular ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(7) |

  • Want to send unlimited promotional news related to your business product in single click? Download advance featured GSM usb modem software provides fast solution to forward bulk number of text messages and alerts from PC without internet gateway.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(5) |

  • Multi device edition bulk SMS software for USB modem provides cost effective

    software to send mass text messages from your laptop or desktop computers with instant support to different USB modem. Group SMS

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • Innovative Bulk SMS USB Modem program supports to sending out business news by broadcasting number of text messages to uncountable customers from your cell phone to USB modem connected computer system. Website offer send group sms program allows user for providing advertizing to large clients through ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • RemoteAccess allows to access the local computer by internet using mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting directly at your computer

    OS :Windows | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(27) |

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