• English To Italian and Italian To English Converter Software 7.0

    Convert English sentences to Italian and vice versa.

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  • Italian Bead 1.2

    Italian bead toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find the Italian beads that you have been looking for. Find Bacio, Biagi, Pandora and Lovelinks beads, charms, necklaces and bracelets. Get the latest information and resources to create beaded jewelery.

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  • Buensoft Italian 2004 Free

    BuenSoft Italian is a free innovative listening-based interactive program with 14 interactive games designed to give learners of all ages a fast and easy way to have fun and improve their Italian.

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  • Are you learning Italian? Working on expanding your Italian vocabulary? If so, 600 Italian can help! - Learning is accomplished by answering multiple-choice questions. - Comes with over 600 useful Italian words and phrases. - Free trial.

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  • Orthographical and grammatical spell-checker: ItalianSpell-checks the text both in interactive mode (type in directly one sentence and spell-check it) and in batch mode (a whole file). ...

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  • A practical realistic and fast approach to learning words and phrases in Italian, using a combination of sophisticated testing and simple games allowing you the freedom to learn at work, at home and on the move.

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  • Wordlist Italian for Spellchecker, Wordgames (or others) with over 318,000 words. For privat or commercial use.Integrate it into your application, website, search engine. For Universities, translation agencies (create a basis for your own Translation Memories -TM) , companies with own applications, scientific departments ...

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  • Search the Bible in Italian. Get references, commentaries and more. Maps, lookups and more great stuff. Did we mention it's free!

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  • Easy Italian Dialogs is a very practical study tool for learning Italian; it gathers 420 pcs dialogs from about 15 common life scenes. Scenes such as traveling, shopping, making calls, greetings and so on. The software presents the content of Italian dialogs and English dialogs showing on screen by ...

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  • When we are playing games, surfing on line or doing some other work we spend a lot of time on waiting. Learn to Speak Italian is very useful in improving your spoken Italian and building your vocabulary. It will make every second of your time useful!

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  • Language learning can be hard work. You need to study hard and practice a lot!

    However, the right tools, such as our new Recite Italian words, it can make learning Italian easier and a lot of FUN

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  • Check out canali televisivi d'Italia, con notizie, intrattenimento, sport, religione e stile di vita. Troverete 105 TV, Antenna Sud, Canale 5, Canale 7, Canale 9, Deejay TV, Diretta TV, Ibiza on TV, La Tua Televisione, Meto TV, Motori TV, Onda TV, Pace TV, Piu Blu, Primantenna, Primocanale, ...

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  • Ebook with pictures of various leather handbags and purses including Italian leather. Handbags has many uses carrying stuff e.g. business cards, your spare currency, your keys, almost everything little that a young or mature lady carries with her.

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  • Typing Assistant predicts and autocompletes your frequently used words and phrases anywhere. It makes typing faster, more intelligent and lowers effort.

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  • Record telephone conversations to MP3 files. Automatically record all incomming phone calls.

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  • Se dopo aver scaricato musica, hai cominciato a vedere quei fastidiosi messaggi che appaiono sul tuo schermo, vuol dire che sei stato infettato da Spy Ware e o Ad Ware! Ma non preoccuparti - Noi abbiamo la soluzione con il prodotto software pił rivoluzionario su Internet oggi?. SPYWARE KILLA! SpyWare Killa ...

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  • Extensive award winning Italian course for German-speaking by LANGMaster.com + Collins electronic dictionary. 17 years of experience with language teaching, more than 1.000.000 licenses sold world-wide. This language learning software is based on the highest quality educational content from the Hueber Verlag Publisher and includes Italian ...

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  • SlovoEd is a Italian-English & English-Italian dictionary for Sony Ericsson devices (Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910 and others). Italian-English dictionary contains 35087 entries.English-Italian dictionary contains 37777 entries.Main features of Italian-English & English-Italian SlovoEd software dictionary for Sony Ericsson are:-Additional sound modules-Simple and easy-to-use interface with color marks support. -Quality dictionary databases specially ...

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  • Translate, hear and learn quickly chosen words and phrases from Italian to Bulgarian and back!The software product comprises of Italian-Bulgarian and Bulgarian-Italian dictionary which include Italian-Bulgarian resources comprising 120 000 words in entries and phrases and Bulgarian-Italian resources comprising 60 000 words in entries and ...

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  • The powerful translation tool for efficient and effective communication in Italian while traveling abroad.It contains over 4000 carefully selected, essential words and phrases spoken by professional native speakers.

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  • Soccer manager game for the PC. Take control of a soccer (football) team in the Italian leagues. Make team selections, tactical decisions, transfers, financial control and all the day to day operations of a major soccer club. Features the names and stats of real teams and players, ...

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  • LingvoSoft English <-> Italian Dictionary is now available for Microsoft Smartphone! This handy software dictionary will transform your Smartphone into a mobile translation tool that is always ready to serve you. It provides you with prompt bidirectional word translation anywhere you go. The extensive language ...

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  • French-English Dictionary by Ultralingua is a dictionary and verb book for students and travelers, offering thousands of entries including slang, technical terms, and idiomatic expressions. Includes a full verb conjugations in all tenses and the con

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  • French-English Dictionary by Ultralingua is a collegiate-level lexicon and verb

    , Italian, Portuguese, German, and more.

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  • French-English Dictionary by Ultralingua is a collegiate-level lexicon and verb book for students and travelers, offering thousands of entries including slang, technical terms, and idiomatic expressions. We provide a rich thesaurus of synonyms and antonyms, full verb conjugations in all tenses, and the conversion of numbers to text.No mere phrase-book or ...

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