• All-Business-Letters for Windows

    4500+ high-quality and effective business letters that nearly cover every business situation imaginable. All-Business-Letters offers a comprehensive and categorized library of business letters that are sure to increase productivity.

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  • All-Business-Letters for Mac

    Over4500 professionally written business letters which nearly cover every imaginable business situation. All-Business-Letters offers a comprehensive and categorized library of business letters that are sure to save time and efforts in every business.

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  • Best Business Letters 1.0

    We have over 3,000 professionally prepared business letters available on our site to assist you with your everyday business needs. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Save time and money! Yours to keep forever! Quick software download!

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  • All-Business-Letters is the most comprehensive library of business letter sample

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  • The writing tool you need for the ultimate success is available in one

    package. Save valuable time and rely on WhiteSmoke Writing Business Letter to help write emails, letters, reports

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  • Comprehensive library of +4500 foolproof sample business letters and writing guidelines are sure to save time and efforts that results in increased productivity in any office. The software offers spelling/grammar checks, a thesaurus, & a search option that lets you find exactly what you need.The software also ...

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  • Collection of Sample Business Letters and Forms as featured at 4hb.com. Letters are in text file format to work with most any software. Includes a viewer program to browse your collection and optionally copy any letter to the clipboard.

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  • E is a vowel and the fifth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet. It is the most commonly used letter in Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Latin, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. E differs little from its derivational source, the Greek letter epsilon. In etymology, the Semitic h ...

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  • Mix letters in the words speed reading training. Speed Reading with Improved comprehension. Read any average 240 page book in 2-3 hours, combining high speed voice with text. Adjust speed for maximum enjoyment. Ideal for high school, college and grad school students ...

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  • Giveaway Buzz makes setting up your own giveaway an easy process and allows you to turn a regular webpage into a successful giveaway event page, attracting both contributors and members.

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  • Article Submitter Software is the simplest, fastest way to have a single article submitted to multiple article directories without having to spend too much time tweaking the article or sending it one by one to all these directories! Best of all, you can register for all these directories without actually ...

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  • Did you know that In English, the letter K usually represents the voiceless velar plosive; this sound is also transcribed by /k/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet and X-SAMPA. The letter K comes from the Greek letter (kappa), which was taken from the Semitic kap, the ...

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  • Send a Personalized Santa Letter and tell your kid how much you love 'em. Santa letters feature 2 accomplishments and space for your own paragraph! Plus little tidbits in letters from Santa like their best friend. Order a letter from Santa Claus now

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  • Learning Alphabet is fun. I came up with this tutorial for kids. It is very fun and for sure, your kids will enjoy solving it. All you need to do is to rearrange the pieces to form the LETTER. This is what I call.. edutainment. Merger of Education and Entertainment. ...

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  • C for Cookie Monster. C comes from the same letter as G. The Semites named it gimel. The sign is possibly adapted from an Egyptian hieroglyph for a staff sling, which may have been the meaning of the name gimel. Another possibility is that it depicted a camel, the Semitic name for ...

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  • G (named gee) is the seventh letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.

    The letter 'G' was introduced in the Old Latin period as a variant of c to distinguish voiced, /g/ from voiceless

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  • Letter F for flower. Let us have fun while learning. Solve and win.

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  • The origin of f is the Semitic letter vv (or waw) that represented a sound like /v/ or /w/. Graphically, it originally probably depicted either a hook or a club. It may have been based on a comparable Egyptian hieroglyph, such as that which represented the word mace (transliterated as (dj)). The lower case f is ...

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  • Free, fun to use educational software for children aged 3-6. A great way to teach the alphabet, numbers, counting, simple spelling, keyboard skills and much more. Simple, entertaining, educational games which your child will want to play again and again. ...

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  • An entertaining puzzle game of words and letters. 250,000 Words Dictionary ! Appealing high quality graphics. Full color and full size window mode. Skin your game with themes that display original letters and nice animations. Sounds fx & music.

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  • 1). Self-contained lessons and instructions. 2). Speed tests to evaluate your progress. 3). Comprehension tests. 4). Warm up exercises to develop peripheral vision. 5). Tachistoscopic reader. 6). Horizontal reader for further speed development. 7). Vertical reader for advanced speed reading. 8). The ability to ...

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  • L (named el or ell) is the twelfth letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet. It is used to represent 50 in Roman numerals. In English, L can have several values, depending on whether it occurs before or after a vowel. The alveolar lateral approximant (the sound which the IPA uses the lowercase to represent) occurs before a ...

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  • ebook - The Watch Goose Letters - Read 20% free. Ben Rumson presents a wonderful reading experience concerning a wide variety of the most controversial social issues of our day.

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  • Simple, basic word processing and address book software perfect for seniors and kids. Simple, oversized buttons, bold easy to read text, and a basic set of features that make it an easy to learn and use word processing/address book program.

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  • Font char viewer is a font utility. View all Fonts. Print the list of fonts. Print sample text of a font. View sample text in all available fonts. Used the Windows clipboard. Copy and paste characters to another program Compare different fonts Used system tray. Sorted ...

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