• NoteBurner Audiobook Converter for Mac 1.5.5

    Features of NoteBurner Audiobook Converter for Mac: convert DRM Protected M4B and AA audiobooks to unprotected MP3, M4A on Mac for your PSP, Walkman, iRiver, Archos, other portable media players and cell phones.

    OS :Mac | Average rating:(4.7) | Downloads:(96) |

  • AVCLabs Audiobook Converter 1.5.5

    AVCLbas Audiobook Converter is an all-in-one AA Converter that can convert any audio books which could be played on iTunes. The conversion is 5X speed fast, and output could be CD Quality.

    OS :Mac | Average rating:(4.2) | Downloads:(78) |

  • Macsome AudioBook Converter for Mac 1.5.7

    Convert DRM audio book to MP3 or AAC in 5X fast speed and CD quality, with ID Tags preserved. Audible audio book to MP3 or AAC converter. Remove DRM from Audible audio book.

    OS :Mac | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(12) |

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  • Onde AudioBook Converter for Mac is an AA converter and audio book to MP3 converter, by which you can easily convert any audio books which could be played on iTunes to unprotected MP3, AAC and WAV formats in 16X speed with ID tags preserved.

    OS :Mac | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(1) |

  • Ondesoft AudioBook Converter is an AA converter that can batch convert

    and audio book DRM remover, Ondesoft audioBook converter can remove copy-protection (DRM) from Audio Books and convert

    OS :Mac | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(3) |

  • Audiobook Recorder is the only text-to-speech software with 'Smart Pause' feature. This brainlessly simple, affordable and feature-packed tool can read text aloud and record it as MP3 file for your MP3 player. Free trial download.

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003 | Average rating:(5) | Downloads:(7) |

  • Audiobook Cutter is an easy-to-use tool which splits large MP3 audiobook and podcast files into smaller ones without re-encoding. In the Pro edition the split points are determined automatically based on silence detection. A feature complete demo an

    OS :Windows 7/Vista/XP | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • low cost Read by Dennis BoutsikarisRoths 31st book, quot;a work of fiction set in the summer of 1944that tells of a polio epidemic and its effects on a closelyknit Newark community and its children.quot; ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(4) | Downloads:(41) |

  • Elizabeth Gilbert: Eat, Pray, LoveMarianne Williamson: A Retu to Love Practical Spirituality Sacred SelfDon Miguel Ruiz: The Three Agreements The Mastery of Love The Voice of KnowledgeWayne Dyer: The Secrets of the Power of Intention Change Your Tho

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • Audiobook excerpt. Anne (Red) lives happily with her Mom somewhere at the end of town ... until, quite of a sudden, she gets into the mysterious, magic Ghost Forest. Looking for the way back home, she is forced to get through many difficult situations, to fight dangerous ...

    OS :Windows | Average rating:(4) | Downloads:(20) |

  • Audiobook excerpt. Anne (Red) lives happily with her Mom somewhere at the end of town ... until, quite of a sudden, she gets into the mysterious, magic Ghost Forest. Looking for the way back home, she is forced to get through many difficult situations, to fight dangerous ...

    OS :Windows XP/2003 | Average rating:(4.6) | Downloads:(32) |

  • The Increment is the super secret assassination unit of the SAS and it has one lessmember. Matt Browning has been served his walking papers after having the temerity tochallenge an order. But his association with Britains premier fighting unit is no

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(17) |

  • order Read by Johnny Depp amp; Joe Hurley.The long awaited autobiography of the guitarist, songwriter, singer, and founding memberof the Rolling Stones. Ladies and gentlemen: Keith Richards.With The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards created the songs that roused the world, and helived the ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(9) |

  • download BBC R4 Amitav Ghoshs The Shadow LinesAdapted by John DrydenMusic by Nick Russell PavenDirected by by John DrydenBroadcast October 21, 2005Love, lust, and murder in London and Calcutta.CastAmit Raza JaffreyYoung Amit Tarun IyerIla Archie PanjabiYoung Ila Shara Sood PanchalMay Katie BlakeTridib Pal AronRobi Emil MarwaNick ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(9) |

  • BBC R4 Edgar Allan Poes The Gold BugIrreverantly adapted by Gregory EvansPiano played by Neil BrandDirected by Ned ChailletBroadcast December 15, 2001A bite from a gold coloured insect leadsto a coded message and a treasure hunt.Well made. Good fun

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(7) |

  • order The tremendously popular novels of Elmore Leonard are the standard all other humorous crime writing ismeasured against. In the tradition of New York Times best sellers like Be Cool and Out of Sight,Tishomingo Blues is a witty masterpiece. Enter Dennis Lenahan, the coolest guy ever to ea his ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(6) |

  • buy John Keegan is regarded as one of the foremost military historians of ourtime. This book covers the scope of human history, from the migrations ofprehistoric man to the atomic age. He does so to prove his central tenet:That war is not, as Clausewitz maintained, quot;The continuation of Policy byother means.quot; By drawing on ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(4.2) | Downloads:(25) |

  • Read by Brian HutchinsonMultiple Bram Stoker Award winning author Jonathan Maberry.s Rot amp; Ruinis his debut work for young readers. Fifteen year old Benny Imura livesin a world infested with zombies where, when a kid tu s 15, he mustget a job to

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  • oem Narrated by Oliver WymanIn 1974, a film based on the novel was made, starring Charles Bronson and directed byMichael Winner.quot;Paul Benjamin is as far from Charles Bronson as you could imagine. Hes a middle agedaccountant who never bothers to exercise; hes put on weight and gone soft and ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(-) | Downloads:(14) |

  • cheap Franco Spanish Border, 1813Major Richard Sharpe, his latest mission to protect the identity of the master spy, El Mirador. Sharpecaptures Colonel Leroux who has been sent by Napoleon to assassinate El Mirador but Leroux escapes. In anensuing battle, Sharpes sword is destroyed and he is left for dead. He is lovingly ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(3.6) | Downloads:(25) |

  • The latest from respected true crime veteran Rule (And Never Let Her Go, etc.) walks readers through the torturedlife and ugly murder of Sheila Bellush, a woman relentlessly pursued by her sexually obsessed ex husband, AllenVan Houte. The crime scen

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(4.2) | Downloads:(36) |

  • download Nick Stone left the Special Air Service in 1988, soon after the shooting of three IRA terroristsin Gibraltar. Now working for British Intelligence on deniable operations, he discovers the seeminglysenseless murders of a fellow SAS soldier and his family in Washington, DC. Only a seven year olddaughter, ...

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  • cheap Read By Lars BrownworthIn AD 476 the Roman Empire fell or rather, its weste half did.Its easte half, which would come to be known as the Byzantine Empire,would endure and often flourish for another 11 centuries. Though itscapital would move to Constantinople, its citizens referred to them selves as ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(4.6) | Downloads:(54) |

  • Covert One1. The Hades Factor (2000) (with Gayle Lynds)2. The Cassandra Compact (2001) (with Philip Shelby)3. The Paris Option (2002) (with Gayle Lynds)4. The Altman Code (2003) (with Gayle Lynds)5. The Lazarus Vendetta (2004) (with Patrick Larkin)6

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  • cheap Part of the magic of Stardust for me has always been Vess luminous illustrations. Although there arewonderful rips of Stardust out there, I was unable to find any with his pictures. So here we have(hopefully this is my first time trying this) a high quality m4b, chapterized with Vess illustrationsfor ...

    OS :Windows 7/Vista,Mobile | Average rating:(4.7) | Downloads:(43) |

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