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LockYourKeyboard 2.0

License: Shareware Price: $19.95Date: 2009-03-23
LockYourKeyboard is a parental control utility that prevents toddlers from accessing PC. With just one hotkey press, parents can disable keyboard, mouse, Power button, CD/DVD-ROM and go away, feeling secure the kid can no longer destroy anything.

MajMonitoring Monitoring Software 1.30

License: Shareware Price: $29Date: 2010-05-26
With the popularity of the Internet, parents pay more attention on family network monitor. Employers also need powerful software to monitor their employees? work. With MajMonitroing, you can stop worrying about the trouble.

BDV DataHider 3.2

License: Shareware Price: $39.99Date: 2010-06-01
BDV DataHider can create a Secret Storage in any file or drive which cannot be detected in usual ways. But you can use it as a folder for storing of some secret files and folders.

VBASafe 1.655

License: Shareware Price: $149Date: 2010-04-12
VBASafe is an advanced product specifically designed to protect your VBA code.With VBASafe your VBA code is converted to a format which is unreadable to the human eye but still interpreted as normal code by Microsoft Excel.

SecrecyKeeper 4.2

License: Shareware Price: $50Date: 2010-09-01
SecrecyKeeper: a data security system for preventing both accidental data leakage and intentional data theft caused by employees with access to such data.

Uimix 2.0

License: Shareware Price: $19.95Date: 2006-06-26
Uimix is a window transparency manager that secures the viewing of sensitive information by allowing you to adjust the transparency of a selected window, mixing it with its background.

Snappy Internet Control

License: Shareware Price: $19.95Date: 2011-04-15
Internet parental control software to filter block web sites and network access. Block or allow access to internet content. Use internet timer and schedule feature to limit when a user can access web sites. Restrict internet access by IP, Port, Url

Hide Secret Files 3 3.0

License: Shareware Price: $9.95Date: 2009-03-09
Hide Secret Files is a security product based on an unequalled data hiding method. It is an easy and user-friendly tool to hide and safely protect your private information from erasure and unauthorized access.

AGUTA Text Encrypter 1.0

License: Demo Price: $24.95Date: 2005-12-15
The function of AGUTA Text Encrypter software is encrypting and decrypting of text information. The encrypted text is embedded into a bitmap image file of BMP format.

KidsWatch Internet Safety/Parental Ctrls 5.0

License: Shareware Price: $45.95Date: 2008-02-18
Limit Internet surfing, chatting and game playing to a time and duration appropriate for each child. Filter inappropriate website content, monitor chat, and receive e-mail notifications when inappropriate words/phrases are found in chat conversations

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