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CoffeeCup Direct FTP Downloader

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2011-12-27
Webmasters love Direct FTP because it's so easy to make quick changes and updates to their Websites. Just drag a file to the Edit window to make changes and click save when you are done. Direct FTP saves the changes directly to your Website! Try it.

Simple FTP Client download 1.0.23

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2011-10-20
Simple FTP Client download,Simple FTP Client is a free ftp client,Simple FTP Client is a free ftp client that provides an easy way to download and upload files to a web server.

Affiliate Money Maker software 10

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2011-02-03
Attention: Here's What Experts Are Calling The #1 RATED Money Making System For Our Struggling Economy... If you are lazy, this is NOT for you... If you are un-motivated, please leave this website now...

SolarWinds TFTP Server 10.4.1

License: Shareware Price: $0.00Date: 2009-10-28
Multi-threaded TFTP server commonly used to upload and download executable images and back up configurations for routers and switches. TFTP Server is the most robust, widely-trusted, and easy-to-use free TFTP solution available.

Secure FTP Factory software

License: Shareware Price: $599Date: 2011-10-06
Secure FTP Factory software,Java FTP, is a set of Java based client components for secure file transfer. Includes Java FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Java FTPS (FTP over SSL), Java SFTP (FTP over SSH) and Java SCP (Secure Copy over SSH) components.

FTPDummy! Downloader 4.81

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2011-11-01
an easy FTP client, allowing you to Transfer Files and Upload Download with Ease ,allowing you to upload, download, transfer files and manage your FTP site and web site with ease. It is one of the only ftp clients to combine online editing and builti

FlashFXP Downloader

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2011-10-25
FlashFXP uses a familiar explorer-like interface that even the most novice user can master in minutes. It offers features such as drag-and-drop, FTP, SFTP, and SSL/TLS transfers, enterprise-friendly rollout options, firewall and proxy support.

WebDrive Downloader 11.1

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2011-10-13
WebDrive integrates FTP, FTPS, WebDAV, SFTP, Amazon S3 or FrontPage servers into the Windows desktop by mapping a network drive letter to a server. This allows you to use your favorite applications to edit files and save them directly to the server.

SimpleSend file copy or secure FTP 3.3

License: Demo Price: $100Date: 2011-10-23
Network file synchronization and email distribution utility. Copy and synchronize files via network shares or secure FTP. Integrate with CSV or database to get file or email distribution lists. Run unattended via command line or windows service.

StormFTP 1.08

License: Shareware Price: $18.00Date: 2011-10-01
StormFTP is an easy to use yet powerful FTP client that goes beyond the FTP protocol to offer web developers functionality and maintenance tools not traditionally available

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