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Smart ID System - RFID / Remote Control Software 1.

License: Shareware Price: $39.95Date: 01-26-02
Control Relays & X-10(tm) Universal Interfaces W/This Phidget(tm) RFID Tag Reading/Logging Software. Remote Contol Doors, Gates, Lights, Applicances,


License: Shareware Price: $11.99Date: 01-26-02
Traffic Simulation of a City

MITCalc (1 year subscription)

License: Shareware Price: $49Date: 01-26-02
Mechanical, Industrial and Technical Calculations.

Space Journey 1 Screensaver - From Earth To The St 1.

License: Shareware Price: $17.95Date: 01-26-02
From Earth To The Stars - 53 Elegant Images of Planets, Galaxies and Nebula

Weather Defender 1.1

License: Shareware Price: $0.00Date: 2010-01-27
Weather Defender is a software program that tracks weather in real-time with street-level accuracy. It works by connecting your desktop computer to a national network of radar and weather satellites, and continuously scanning for weather threats.

imagenes satelite 1

License: Shareware Price: $0.00Date: 2009-04-02
El uso de imágenes por satélite.Las imágenes por satélite se están convirtiendo en una herramienta cada vez más importante para la comunidad humanitaria.Las imágenes por satélite permiten ubicar a las poblaciones afectadas y determinar elcontexto.


License: Shareware Price: $0.00Date: 2007-12-15
TIGER API is a library which allows Java programmers to easily access the structure of any corpus given as a TIGER-XML file.

Build Solar Panel 1.0

License: Shareware Price: $0.00Date: 2009-04-20
7 Ways to build a solar panel for home use. Build a low cost solar panel that will run some of your favorite items around the house. Easy and fun to build putting together your very own will is not only an learning experience but a fun hobby as well.


License: Shareware Price: $0.00Date: 2010-04-20
CurrentModel is a simulation program for photovoltaic cell. It uses the two-diode model to calculate the current-voltage characteristic curve of a photovoltaic cell with a possibility to obtain the device parameters by fitting experimental data.


License: Shareware Price: $0.00Date: 2010-07-04
SigmaGraph is a data plotting and analysis software designed to be lightweight, reliable and easy to use. It offers almost all the functionality needed by scientists and engineers: editable datasheets; scientific graphing; curve fitting; etc.

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