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MB Varnada Lagna 1.0

License: Shareware Price: $0.00Date: 2009-10-03
MB Varnada Lagna is a special Lagna (Ascendant) calculated on the basis of Vedic Astrology. Varnada Lagna shows how you present yourself to the community you live in. This shows the way you will adapt yourself to the rules of the society.

MB Varuna Astrology 1.0

License: Shareware Price: $0.00Date: 2009-10-03
MB Varuna Astrology finds your Varuna sign. Varuna Astrology shows how a person relates to himself and portrays himself to the outside world. This includes self admiration of one's physical and mental attributes. This is an active masculine planet.

MB Zodiac Lucky Sign 1.20

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2009-11-25
MB Free Zodiac Lucky Sign describes the placement of Jupiter in your birth chart. This new planet is also known as the Planet of Luck. This sign shows the material wealth in your life and how you can improve your personality.

MB Learn Numerology 1.20

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2009-12-27
MB Free Learn Numerology is an interesting software that helps one learn more about the study of numbers or numerology. It is an advanced yet simple and handy program that helps you to understand the significance of the effect of different numbers.

Type TV Show 7.0

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2008-10-21
See your Personality Type, understand yourself and others better. The Type TV Show animates Carl Jung?s Psychological Types and the 16 MBTI Personality Type Codes. The game helps you to master the basics, and contains hidden doors to deeper levels.

English Language Desktop Edition 1.08

License: Shareware Price: $18.00Date: 2007-04-18
Contains a full English grammar reference with search function, a guide to English punctuation, guide to better writing, guide to writing style, over 200 tests and word games, a spelling help, multi-lookup dictionary.

Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup 1.0

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2007-12-21
Using this program you can do a reverse cell phone number lookup and gain information about any US or Canada cell phone number.

Reverse Cell Phone Number Wizard 1.5

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2008-01-09
Using this program you can do a reverse cell phone number lookup and gain information about any US or Canada cell phone number.

7 Secrets To Getting Hired 1

License: Freeware Price: $0Date: 2011-11-05
Learn The 7 Secrets That Helped Over 85% Of Our Readers Get Hired In 2 Weeks

On This Day In History 1.0

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2008-03-17
Use the On This Day In History software program to find out what happened on this day in history. Find events, births, deaths, holidays and observances. It makes learning about history and the past interesting and fun. 100% free.

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