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Kudaz MDI

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2010-07-10
Kudaz is a programmer's source/text/HTML editor with syntax-highlighting capabilities that currently supports 53 languages/scripts all told. Includes handy features for HTML/web document editing. Word-wrap, bookmarks, auto-completion/-correction...

Eclipse Wedefo MegaBundle 3.4.0

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: --
eclipse, java, swt, gef, emf, gui, php, perl, c++, c, subversion, svn, cvs, actionscript, rss, ocaml, jar, fatjar, xml, mysql, database, uml, gui designer, web publisher, ftp, sftp, webdav, applet, ruby, nsis, html, css, javascript, code

BraceBalancer 1.1

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2011-01-06
BraceBalancer helps you find out where your Java, C, C++, Pascal etc program where you have mismatched {} [] or (). It works by displaying your program with coloured backgrounds that encode the nesting. Eyebyall the colours, to see the anomalies.

Resource Localizer 2.5

License: Shareware Price: $25Date: 2008-10-17
Resource localizer is a powerful tool for easy and user-friendly localization resource scripts (RC files) to any of languages installed on your computer.

BigEditor from Oraspeed 6.9.1

License: Shareware Price: $10Date: 2007-09-02
BigEditor from Oraspeed is a 3 in 1 Tool - Text Editor, FTP tool & File compare. This tool can improve your productivity multifold regardless of whether you are a Programmer or Application Developer or Business Analyst.

Regent 1.2.0

License: Shareware Price: $39Date: 2008-09-15
Regent creates search and replace regular expression to update all similar text fragments. Regent supports regular expressions syntax used in the Microsoft Visual Studio Find and Replace dialog (2005, 2008 and 2010 versions).

nPad2 Source Viewer/Editor

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2006-05-05
nPad2 is designed to be used with small or very large projects in mind where an internal project manager is unapropriate and integration with file manager is cruicial. nPad2 is also sweetable to be used as windows notepad replacement.

CodeCompare 2.60

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2011-03-23
CodeCompare is a free powerful file and folder comparison tool, that demonstrates an absolutely new level of code comparison. This programming languages oriented diff tool can be used as a Visual Studio add-in and as a standalone application.

CSS-Editor 1.1.2

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2009-09-06
With the CSS-Editor you create your css-files.

TotalEdit 3.90

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2007-11-14
Make editing simple with TotalEdit the professional file editor for Windows. Edit PHP, C/C++, Java, HTML, ASP, JSP, CSS, Javascript and SQL. Features include code folding, code compare, hex editor, unicode support, word wrap, find in files, and more.

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