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PDFViewer 2022.8.789

License: Shareware Price: $499Date: 2022-07-28
Add a simple PDFviewer to your next project with an easy-to-use enhancement from IronSoftware. PDF Viewer Tools elevates your application by adding PDF capability beyond simple reading. You can also add, delete, combine, merge, and batch PDF files.

Tesseract Rectangle 2022.8.780

License: Shareware Price: $499Date: 2022-07-26
Tesseract Rectangle adds OCR to projects within the VB and .NET C# environment that fully supports .NET 5, Core, Standard, Framework, and Azure. This enables your next project build to integrate image and text reading using QR and barcode tech.

C# PDF Generator 2022.8.789

License: Shareware Price: $499Date: 2022-07-28
Add a simple file integration tool with C# PDF Generator from IronSoftware. This easy-to-use enhancement allows your end-users the ability to add, delete, manipulate, extract, and batch PDF files within C# and HTML structures.

PDF Viewer 2022.8.789

License: Shareware Price: $499Date: 2022-07-28
PDF viewer online makes PDFS easy to handle. It adds a much-needed feature to your future project build that can be used and leveraged across a wide audience. End-users needing a simple way to view and manipulate PDF documents will be happy.

Tesseract Config File 2022.8.780

License: Shareware Price: $499Date: 2022-07-26
Use barcode and QR scan technology when you integrate Tesseract Config File into your next VB project build. Not only will this enhance the end product you are offering to your users, but it will help you stand out.

Mgosoft PCL Converter SDK 9.5.1

License: Shareware Price: $299.00Date: 2022-06-16
Convert PCL (pcl, pxl, px3) files to PDF, XPS, Text, PS and dozens of image formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PCX, GIF, WMF, EMF, TGA and so on, it retains the layout, images, text, line, ellipse, color, and formatting of the original PCL file.

CSharp Merge Excel 2022.3.0

License: Shareware Price: $499Date: 2022-03-10
CSharp Merge Excel makes development easy by introducing unique database features into any of your project. Instead of having to rely on bulky or expensive third-party applications like MS Office or Excel Interop, you get a simplified solution.

PDFcrowd Alternative 2022.6.611

License: Shareware Price: $499Date: 2022-06-06
PDFcrowd Alternative lets you and your user base craft new PDFs through an online API from web pages, HTML, and more. This is a highly versatile SDK library developed by the team at IronSoftware, ready to be integrated into your next online project.

Csharp QR Code Generator 2022.3.0

License: Shareware Price: $499Date: 2022-03-10
Csharp QR Code Generator for project integration helps developers introduce powerful new tools for everything from inventory management to custom ID applications during large conventions. This is an easy-to-use application that enhances your QR code.

CSharp Datatable Excel 2022.3.0

License: Shareware Price: $499Date: 2022-03-10
CSharp Datatable to Excel offers excellent tailored solutions for database integration into your next project build. You get all the same powerful capabilities of Microsoft Excel without needing resource-heavy third-party applications.

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