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Shortcut Manager ActiveX 1.0.1

License: Shareware Price: $75Date: 2011-12-23
Shortcut Manager ActiveX 1.0.1 is a dll control for software developers and software authors. With this control you can manage items in Start Menu, Send to, Quick Launch and etc.

AW Capi Pro ActiveX 2.3

License: Shareware Price: $89Date: 2010-08-25
All you need to develop the most sophisticated ISDN phone programs without effort in a question of days or even hours.

Priore CryptX ActiveX 2.1

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2005-10-24
Component enables you to encrypt and decrypt string with a password from VB6 applications and ASP Pages.

SIP ActiveX Phone

License: Shareware Price: $20Date: 2008-12-24
PCBest Network provides SIP solutions for SIP Developers. From high level SIP ActiveX to low level SIP SDK, the complete SIP development solutions are giving users multipul choices to deploy their voip productions in fastest and most efficient way.

Visual Graph ActiveX Component 11

License: Shareware Price: $4000.00Date: 2011-11-20
A standard ActiveX component for developing graphics-related applications of various industries, such as power, coal, chemical, monitor, simulation, graphical modeling, graphical topology analysis, vector drawing, tables, GIS, workflow, etc.

Activex Control (HVXPD)

License: Shareware Price: $169.95Date: 2010-01-09
Activex Control (HVXPD) is a powerful, versatile, easy-to-use and customizes to give you the ability to quickly create smart professional applications.Control VB (HVXPD) free download at

DownloadX Activex Download Control 1.6.5

License: Freeware Price: $0.00Date: 2011-10-07
Download files faster and safer with your Web and Windows applications.

Edraw Viewer Component for Excel 7.4

License: Shareware Price: $999Date: 2010-12-03
Edraw Viewer Component for Excel contains a standard ActiveX control that acts as an ActiveX document container for hosting MS Excel documents in a custom form or Web page.

EDraw Office Viewer Component

License: Shareware Price: $999Date: 2011-11-17
Edraw Office Viewer Component acts as an ActiveX document container for hosting Office documents (including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Visio documents) in a custom form or Web page.

FastReport for COM/ActiveX 4.9

License: Shareware Price: $249Date: 2011-07-11
Powerful, compact, and flexible report generator with visual report designer for business and developers to generate reports quickly and efficiently. All the tools you need for fast and professional reports.

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