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A4Pocket Newsreader 2.1.6

License: Shareware Price: $24.95Date: 2005-02-05
The most powerful newsreader for Pocket PC. Easy-to-use and high-speed. Key features: #Download, read, reply, forward, compose, save article #Multi sort and filter choice #Full customize #Clear GUI #Single-handed read

Acute Vision 2005 5.2

License: Shareware Price: $24.95Date: 2005-02-23
Acute Vision is a stylish news client designed to download pictures, video and music from binary newsgroups. Features include optional encryption, password protection, image viewer/editor and slideshow viewer. Supports yEnc and multipart postings.

News desktop scrolling bar (rssxml) 1.0

License: Demo Price: $9Date: 2005-08-08
See the tv news (top stories/sports/games/world news/health/technology/business/science) titles on your desktop with a very small text scrolling bar. You can select rss/xml files from any site you want.

.NET Communication Library

License: Freeware Price: $0Date: 2002-07-16
The .NET Framework lacks support for some network protocols. With Smilla¡¯s .NET Communication Library, developers can add NNTP to their .NET apps. It is written in C# and is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Another File 2.0

License: Shareware Price: $24.95Date: 02-24-04
Another file is intended for downloading pictures and other file attachments automatically from newsgroups. Just select the groups to scan and Another File does the rest. And it saves your bandwidth by remembering articles that you downloaded before.

TLnews 1.0

License: Others Price: $19.95Date: 2005-04-21
TLNews is a Usenet newsreader with powerful download features and a user-friendly interface to easily read / write message and download files. TLNews was designed to handle millions of message headers and provide a powerful, automated download engine

TimelyWeb 4.

License: Commercial Price: $34.95Date: 06-24-04
TimelyWeb helps you track updates of web pages and ftp resources. When the change is detected, you can be notified in a number of ways including e-mail, SMS or instant messenger message. TimelyWeb can check keywords or exclude parts of web pages.

NewsAloud 1.0

License: Shareware Price: $19.95Date: 06-09-04
NewsAloud personal news agent from finds the stories you want, then reads them aloud in a natural, human sounding voice. Supports optional premium voices from AT&T, Cepstral and NeoSpeech.

Novobot 2.

License: Shareware Price: $14.95Date: 09-02-04
News ticker/headline grabber that processes syndicated XML (RSS, RDF) newsfeeds, as well as web pages with headline news. Uses XML to define parsing rules, allows easy customization and extensibility. The Web is News with Novobot. Shareware US$14.95.

Express NewsPictures 2.3

License: Shareware Price: $35Date: 07-28-04
A newsreader specifically designed for picture newsgroups. It downloads articles with images inside, decodes them and saves on your hard drive. The program lets you preview pictures and filter newsgroups content based on keywords you specify.

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