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IMDetect ICQ Sniffer, ICQ Monitor 3.0

License: Shareware Price: $39.95Date: 2008-03-03
IMDetect ICQ Sniffer is a handy network utility to capture ICQ chat from computers within the same LAN. It supports messaging through ICQ server with format of plain text, RTF, or HTML. All intercepted messages are well organized by users.

IMDetect MSN Sniffer, MSN Monitor 3.0

License: Shareware Price: $39.95Date: 2008-03-03
IMDetect MSN Sniffer, MSN Monitor is a handy network utility to capture MSN chat on network. It records MSN conversations automatically. All intercepted messages can be saved as HTML files for later processing and analyzing.

Mobile Data Viewer 1.01

License: Shareware Price: $9.99Date: 2008-04-01
Private Tracker Pro tracks the user's current location and logs the locations that the user has visited into a hidden log file. Best of all, Private Tracker Pro runs in a discrete manner, and the users are not aware that they are tracked.

WinPopup Gold 6.02

License: Shareware Price: $29Date: 2010-02-23
WinPopup Gold let you send, receive messages and chat through your local network. Easy to set up and use (no server need, no ip address to setup), it enables you to point and send messages,from other active WinPopup Gold even when contact is offline.

LIVECHAT Communicator 5.5

License: Shareware Price: $12Date: 2008-05-06
LIVECHAT Communicator makes corporate instant messaging easy- Communicator is a multi protocol instant messenger- application is ICQ, MSN, Skype, Gadu-Gadu and LIVECHAT ready, allows sharing and sending files. Chats and conferences are SSL encrypted.

ASP.NET Chat Pro 3.3

License: Commercial Price: $149.00Date: 2006-09-17
Full featured, customizable, fast ASP.NET chat with no page refreshes. Private and moderated rooms. Private messages. Ignore, Kick, Ban from room or site. Abusive words, flooding control. Hyperlink aware. Support Helpdesk or Chat skins. Multilanguage

Roll Call 3.56

License: Shareware Price: $69Date: 2010-04-24
An employee in and out board and a secure instant messaging system. The main fallacy of in and out boards is people forget to change their status. With Roll Call, you only need to remember to change it when you leave your desk, not when you return.

BigAnt LAN Messenger 2.82

License: Shareware Price: $15Date: 2011-10-24
BigAnt LAN Messenger is designed for small and medium enterprise to send instant message by using Office's Local Area Network. Secure, simple and stable!

BigAnt Office Messenger 2.82

License: Shareware Price: $15Date: 2011-10-24
BigAnt Office Messenger is an effective solution for office communication. Set up a secure and stable messaging system for daily communication.

123-Web-Messenger-Server-Software(Mac) 1.3

License: Shareware Price: $599Date: 2008-07-29
123 Web Messenger is a web (browser) based instant messaging software for your site, enables one-to-one chat to your website users. It brings the website to life, make it interactive between users. It retains members and increases loyalty of them.

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